How I got into programming

How It All Began The story of how I got into programming starts in June 2006. I had just come out of a StarCraft game and at the time my home channel was a random channel decided by the Battle.Net server, which at the time was something like StarCraft USA-1. Well, I had noticed an … Continue reading "How I got into programming"

Status Update 10-28-2018

Added a link to my discord server on the live chat page Replaced links on the Innectis archive forum so that they aren’t broken anymore now redirects to The following locations will now redirect to their respective GitHub release pages

7 Stages of Friendship

Ever wanted to be a good communicator? I think we all have at one point in our lives! This is something that I’ve struggled with. It can be hard to know what to say to someone else, not knowing how they are going to react. Fortunately, I found some guidelines that I think will help … Continue reading "7 Stages of Friendship"

Status Update 9-21-2018

I have addressed a few things with the site. They are as follows: Tweaked some colors around to bring a bit more vibrancy to the top menu bar Fixed the contact form so submissions are now possible There was an issue preventing comments from being made on posts

My Experience With Cyberbullies

I’d like to tell you a story about my time on the internet and being cyber bullied. Most of the abuse that I can remember took place on Blizzard’s game service Battle.Net. I have experienced abuse elsewhere, but I’m going to focus on Battle.Net for this post. What has happened is significant enough that I’d … Continue reading "My Experience With Cyberbullies"