The legacy of Maelstrom and Simplicity

I want to take this time to acknowledge the support that people have shown over the years for Simplicity and Maelstrom, although I don’t have any data to show how many people use either. I just know that even as much as this year people were still inquiring about both of them. That is incredible! Maelstrom has been publicly available since October 2011 and Simplicity was first released in July of the same year. Over 7 years later and they are both getting at least some attention. Thank you for all the support over the years!


This project started in August of 2010.  It started because 4 of my friends at the time wanted me to create a CD-Key Tester. One was already available, Opal CD-Key Analyzer by Chriso, however I wanted to make something that could perform the same functions as well as having more features.  For about a year it was private, in part a suggestion from a friend. However in October of 2011 I removed the authentication system and ultimately made it public. Some of the more useful features Maelstrom had were expansion CD-Key testing, CD-Key profiles, HTTP proxy utilization and a feature that allowed it to accept text files of jumbled keys and other text and sort it all upon loading.

There was about a 4 year gap between version 3.42 and version 4.0. It would seem like version 4.0 took 4 years to make however the work that went into it took over a month to do and started in  June of 2016. For this version I decided to re-write a lot of code under the hood and improve the code. A new feature that came with this release was CD-Key profiles, a feature that allowed the results of CD-Key testing to be sent to different folders to indicate where they came from. Another major change was creating a configuration window to replace the previous method of manually modifying the config.ini file, which made it even easier to use.


This program started because I wanted to make a Clan Creator that was very simple to use. There was a clan creator already available, EZCC (EaZy Clan Creator) by Myst, but I wanted to, like Maelstrom, create something that could perform the same functions but have different features as well. Ultimately, Simplicity allowed SOCKS4 and HTTP proxies and relied on a list of keys that it would cycle through until it found enough working keys to create a clan. You only had to define the chieftain and initiates but the program would automatically detect which keys were working and which did not. There were other features such as the ability to remove friends from the chieftain’s friends list if the chieftain logged onto a voided key and its friends list was too full to accept any other friends.

Thank you guys so much for the support over the years. It is because of you that I kept updating these programs!

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