I created a number of plugins for StealthBot. Some of the more notable ones I have created are listed below:

Revision 77 / Code Speak Plugin Manager

The Revision 77 / Code Speak Plugin Manager was a plugin that allowed the ability to download plugins off of the Revision 77 plugin repository, among other things. After that community died it was re-purposed for the Code Speak community.. A page on the Revision 77 Community Archive Forum goes into detail on what this plugin can do.

Encryption Plugin

I wrote a plugin that allowed the ability to chat with others using text that only they can read. Users could tweak some settings and get entirely different encrypt that others could only see if they had the same settings. I didn’t use a known encryption algorithm and instead used my own.

Gamelist Plugin

This was a plugin that was used in at least one clan on Battle.Net to track games that were being played among its members.


VectorGnome was a plugin designed to roam channels on Battle.Net, gathering data on members and channels. It could then retrieve statistics via commands.

VectorNet Client Plugin

The VectorNet Client Plugin was a client for VectorNet built as a StealthBot plugin. It started out as a test of a new feature of the StealthBot 2.7 beta scripting system. It then became a working client for VectorNet.