Other Projects

This page lists other projects that I’ve done that don’t fit into any other category.

JBLS / BNLS Status Checker

This was a program that would check the status of BNLS/JBLS servers, whether they were online or offline. The status would be sent to a topic on a forum with an appropriate icon whether the server was running or not.

Pathways Database Test

In 2006 I took a course on C++. While I was dabbling with the language outside of class I got into a project where I attempted to simulate a database. I wanted to create a program that could perform actions based on whether an account was a user or an administrator. Because it also used passwords to secure accounts, I decided to use a hashing algorithm I had created to secure the passwords. That algorithm is JhashD which is described below this one.


Back when I was experimenting with cryptography I wrote a hashing algorithm that went through several versions. To go with the algorithm, I wrote a rainbow table generator, a brute force application and even implemented it in a program that I wrote.

Short StarCraft Campaign

Back when I was playing a lot of StarCraft, I once tried my hand at making a short campaign. It only consisted of 2 maps, the 2nd being very short. The first used a number of custom voice lines i recorded along with some customized behavior using map triggers.