Welcome to Code Speak! This is my own personal internet space, so stay awhile as I explain who I am! My name is Joel, but I’m mostly known on the internet as Vector. As of this writing, I have an associate’s degree in Computer Information Systems. My favorite hobby is programming, which I got into in June 2006. From that time, I have made programs, scripts, music, YouTube content and more. You can find a lot of the projects I have done on this site.

I created Code Speak as a programming community in November 2009, setting up a website for it in April 2010. When I started, I was using PHP-fusion to power the website. The June 27, 2011 snapshot from the wayback machine shows what the site looked like at the time. In early 2011, due to various events that have happened to me on Battle.Net, I decided that I no longer wanted to run the community in the same capacity that I had before. Not wanting the name to die in case I ever came back to do stuff with it, I kept the Code Speak name. After this time, I re-designed the site to a more basic version which you can view in this January 2, 2013 snapshot from the wayback machine. I wanted Code Speak to be more of a personal thing and so the design reflected that. It was a rather simple site with some resources you could browse through and a chat box on it so people could communicate with me. The site was re-designed again years later while using the same type of structure which you can view in this March 5, 2016 backup of the wayback machine. Since then some links were added and some more details were added, but the site structure remained the same for over 2 years since this backup was taken. Then, in early July, 2018 it was redone yet again, a somewhat significant change since the start of 2013, adding more resources, including a few archived forums. This was a short-term update, as part of my desire to bring Code Speak back out of the rut that it was in for around 7 years. It was then updated again on August 11, 2018 changing the menu to the right side and adding a link to community archives. There was a ninja update on August 29, 2018 replacing a deprecated attribute with CSS.

Now, we’re here with an entirely new design with a new purpose. Since around 2012 I’ve wanted to treat Code Speak more as a personal thing. From 2012 through the start of 2018, I barely did any development with my own projects or even Code Speak for that matter. A major reason was because I was the developer of a Minecraft server called Innectis from late July, 2011 and owner of it from August 15, 2013 until the day the server died, March 15, 2017. After such time, I took a year off from doing anything related to programming. Then in February of 2018 I picked up development on Battle.Net to IRC, a project I had last left off in 2011, finally releasing it on July 18, 2018. During this time period, I felt drawn to Code Speak and wanted to finally dedicate most of my energy towards it. This new website was one of my goals moving forward with Code Speak development.

There are a few goals with this site. I want to express my creative side, blog about my thoughts, and interact with and share my content with you. I crafted this site with programming in mind so you’ll notice that the majority of the content here has to do with that. Also, I love to share my history. For example, on here you will find all sorts of information around projects both past and present that I have created, worked with others on, and contributed to.

That being said, welcome to Code Speak!