Upcoming Things

There hasn’t been a post here for awhile. What have I been up to? Well now… here’s what I got going on. I’m working on a new software project that will allow me to better serve programs and updates than I’m able to do currently. There’s just too many steps involved to get an update out now, and the update process could be a lot more refined as well. Plus, it would be in your benefit to have better access to programs than you do currently. This project is intended to be a distribution system. I’ll have more information on that in a future blog post.

I also want to re-do the website. I’m not sure quite how I want to do it, but I at least want to create a home page rather than have the blog show up as the first thing when you go to this website. Also, I’ve got several ideas for new projects that I can play around with for the future. Last year saw the release of a new program of mine, something that hadn’t happened for years since. It’s time that changed.

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