Group Projects

Over the years I have been part of a number of group projects. While not every group project is listed, the following are some of the group projects I’ve been a part of.

Kinetics RPG

Kinetics RPG was a project that was started by someone going by the name Rodent. It aimed to be an RPG game running as a console application on windows. It was developed with C++.

CODE Bot by Simile

This was a project to create a moderation bot for Battle.Net. It was intended to be used as an operator in channels, providing capabilities to users who could act as moderators through the bot.

VectorNet Bot by Jd

This was built to be a moderation bot for VectorNet. Just as there are moderation bots for Battle.Net, Jd wanted to create such a program for VectorNet with moderation capabilities.

myIRC by Jd

myIRC was a client written for IRC. It had features such as transferring files, quick channels, greet and idle messages. Some of its features were reminiscent of a Battle.Net bot called StealthBot.

Innectis Dedicated Plugin

The Innectis Dedicated Plugin (IDP) was a plugin that ran on the Minecraft server of Innectis. It was developed between May 15, 2011 and March 15, 2017 by 4 different developers. A gitstats page has been generated for the project here.

VectorNet C# Server

An attempt to make a VectorNet server in C# was started by Lynxy and I but never finished. It can be seen in the GitHub repository here.

Advanced Moderation

This was a StealthBot plugin, written by 5 people, that aimed to give moderation capabilities to StealthBot 2.6R3 that it did not originally have. More on the project can be viewed here.

GProxy by GhostGraz Update

I worked with 2 other people updating GProxy for ghostgraz (last updated in 2012) to compile correctly and provided Warcraft III 1.29+ support.