What if Jesus had never been born?

I’m not a theologian or a scholar. At most I’m a layman Seventh-Day Adventist who very much cares about their faith. I care about how my faith has helped to craft who I am. I do not want merely to do as I wish but as Jesus would want me to do. That can be a challenge but I want my actions to be morally justified as much as I can help. I find that to be a challenge in a world where everything is seen subjectively.

Right and wrong are nothing more than opinions, or are they? What if a certain religion had it right and could serve as an example for other religions? I’m not here to provide definitive proof. However, I would like to share a lecture that I felt was profound enough that I wouldn’t want to wait idly by without the opportunity to mention it.

In February 2020, Jon Paulien, a theologian and professor of the School of Religion at Loma Linda University, gave a lecture on the influence of Christianity on the world. The lecture is provided by the Center for Understanding World Religions, which is a center whose aim is to provide clarity and understanding of non-SDA religions. It is my hope that people can gain more clarity from this lecture on Christianity.

The lecture can be seen here.

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