New Theme And Other Changes

When it comes to the design of my site, the previous theme worked but it wasn’t good enough. The main reason why I chose to go with a new theme was that I wanted to emphasize programming a bit more. To accomplish this I wanted a theme with a header image containing some code from one of my projects. I looked at so many themes trying to find one that worked for me and finally stumbled upon the one you’re looking at now.

Another change I have decided to make is the inclusion of the Contact and Donate pages to the main menu section. They were previously located in the footer on the left-hand side. This doesn’t really help things as someone may wish to get in contact with me or want to donate. The visibility of these links was a necessary part of this theme change.

Another change is that the archives page is now a child of the links page and can be found by hovering over the links item in the top menu.

The social media buttons are now no longer part of the footer but in the header area as smaller buttons.

And as always, do enjoy your stay on my site!

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