Take Two, Live Chat Restored And Changes

Widgetbot, which is what powers the web chat widget on this website, unfortunately has never been truly stable and because of this, the reliability of the chat experience hasn’t been guaranteed. However, that was version 1 of the software. Earlier today I went to the discord server for the project and asked for support. They told me to sign up for their beta version which I did. They also said that the beta version, also known as version 2, is much more reliable and is recommended. So,  I have decided to go ahead with that.

Another change you’ll notice is that I’ve removed the live chat page. Previously, I was using the embedded version and it was provided on the live chat page. Now, there is a button to the lower right that when clicked will open up the web chat interface. Much more user-friendly because it appears on all the pages, so you can chat from whatever page you’re on!

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