Statistics And The Code Speak Distribution System

This is something I wanted to be inherent to the distribution system. Anytime a program checks for an update, the system would log that request so that ultimately anyone can visit a page and see how many unique users are using each program and the version of the programs being used. I’ve been doing some thinking about this and how it relates to the GDPR and don’t think this is a direction I’d like to go at this time. I have gone over a decade without a statistics system, so it’s not like I have an urgent need for it!

One of the requirements for the GDPR is to make available an option for users to delete their data. Being as I’m not quite sure how I would implement this I don’t think this is something I’d like to do at this time. However, in the future this might be a direction that I can take. Those are my thoughts on the matter.

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