Welcome to the new codespeak.org!

November 2009. That was the month and year that code speak was born. It wasn’t until the early part of 2010 that it got its own website. Back then, it was running on PHP-fusion, which was good enough at the time to do what was needed to get the job done: provide a news section to let the community know what was happening, provide a downloads section for the programs created for public use, and other informational sections. Just a typical community site to keep users informed on new developments and provide access to content.

As far as content goes, there was something about battle.net that appealed greatly to me. I set my sights there for Code Speak content, so it paved the way for the future. However, after unfortunate events in 2011, I decided that I would no longer care about battle.net the same way, so things started to die down. Ever since, this site has basically been a personal effort. Fast forward to beyond 2012, and this site has become the single page that you’ve known it to be. I included a chat box so people could come and communicate with me and each other, giving them something to do. However, I wanted something more. I’ve thought about redoing the site before but wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted to build it up manually, learning HTML as I go, but after talking to a friend I realized that WordPress was the way to go. Of course that makes managing content so much easier, plus it allows so much more. So that brings us to this WordPress site and the current path for Code Speak.

My goals for this site are simple: showcase the various projects I’ve done, provide a place for me to place my thoughts, include a chat box area just like before and a place for you guys to interact with me. Welcome to the new codespeak.org!

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